Wooden Water Channelling Chutes

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Transform outdoor playtime into a captivating sensory experience with the Wooden Water Channelling Chutes. This natural wooden channelling system is designed to demonstrate various speeds of water flows, from gentle drips to exhilarating splashes.

Encouraging teamwork and experimentation, these chutes foster a sense of collaboration as children work together to explore the concepts of water force and gravity. Watch as their curiosity and creativity come to life while they strategize and adjust the chutes to manipulate the flow of water. With each trial and error, they will gain a deeper understanding of cause and effect, problem-solving, and scientific principles.

Not only does this water channelling system offer educational value, but it also provides endless opportunities for open-ended play. Children can explore the properties of different materials through hands-on experimentation. What objects sink and what objects float? They can create their own mini science experiments, develop hypotheses, and observe the outcomes - all while having a blast with water play.

Crafted from durable and sustainable wood, these chutes are built to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting enjoyment. The natural aesthetic adds an earthy charm to any outdoor play area, blending harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

Enhance outdoor play and elevate sensory exploration with the Wooden Water Channelling Chutes.
Watch as children engage their minds, collaborate with peers, and unlock the wonders of water through hands-on experimentation and imaginative play. It's time to create a captivating outdoor sensory water play experience that will inspire and excite young minds.

  • Accessories not included.
  • Created by three separate channelling sections that can be arranged in any direction
  • All chutes 340mm width.
    Top chute: Length 1200mm x Top height 700mm x Lower height 660mm Middle chute: Length 700mm x Top height 550mm x Lower height 490mm Lower chute: Length 1200mm x Top height 380mm x Lower height 320mm
  • Accessories not included.
  • Pack size:3
  • Material:Sustainable Wood
  • Brand:Sensory Education
  • Suitable for outdoor storage:Yes
  • Warranty:10 Years
  • Age Range:Suitable for age 3 years and up

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