Wooden Geometric Solids - Pk15

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The Wooden Geometric Solids set contain 15 smooth hardwood geometric solids,used to teach shapes recognition and to increase geometric understanding.
The Wooden Geometric Solids - Pk15 includes a selection of the following geometric shapes: tetrahedron, cube, cylinder, square pyramid, cone, square prism or rectangular prism, square, circle, hemisphere, ovoid, wedge or trapezoidal prism, oblique square pyramid, oblique cone.

These geometric shapes set are a great tool to identify the different attributes of each shape, because students can see the shapes from each angle.
Students can compare the shapes in the set with every day objects or find the number of faces and edges each shape has, to find out what makes each shape unique.

Use the shape for physics classes, so identify the shapes that easily roll, slide or can stack.
By tracing the outline of the shapes, student can compare 2D and 3D shapes

Cube length: 50mm. Pk15.

Age: Suitable from 3 years.

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