Wooden Cubes 40mm Pk6

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Experience the power of discovery with TickIT Wooden Cubes! Derived from the Greek word "eurisko", meaning "I discover", heuristic play is an intuitive way of meeting challenges and solving problems. Our Wooden Cubes 40mm Pk6 is the perfect addition to our range of wooden heuristic play resources, designed to captivate toddlers' curiosity and enhance their learning.

These six small smooth beech wood cubes are a gateway to endless possibilities. The open-ended nature of heuristic play enables children to explore and investigate in their own unique way, encouraging them to apply their creative ideas and build upon their own experiences. With the TickIT Wooden Cubes, your child can unlock their imagination and develop essential skills along the way.

Crafted to perfection, each cube measures 40mm, allowing for easy grasping and manipulation for little hands. The smooth surface ensures safe play and effortless handling. Whether it's stacking, sorting, or arranging, these cubes provide valuable opportunities for extending children's learning.

The benefits of the TickIT Wooden Cubes extend beyond playtime. They support various areas of learning, including personal development through sensory experiences, physical development by enhancing motor skills, and a deeper understanding of the world through observation. Watch as your child's cognitive skills blossom and their grasp of concepts like size, shape, and quantity solidify.

Educators and parents alike can appreciate the value of this wooden cube set. Invest in the TickIT Wooden Cubes 40mm Pk6 today and witness the magic of heuristic play unravel before your eyes. Encourage your child to discover, explore, and solve problems in their own intuitive way, promoting lifelong learning and growth.

  • Specification Size: 40mm.
  • Pk6.
  • Age: Suitable from 10 months.

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