Wooden Community People Blocks

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The Wooden Community People Blocks are made up of chunky wooden blocks with colour printed on both sides with real images of people from a range of communities, perfect for young children to engage in imaginative play and develop their descriptive language skills.
The 20mm birch Wooden Community People Blocks are smooth to touch and easy for small children to handle.
Having realistic images will enable younger children to recognise and relate to the characteristics of other people and encourage older children to visualise them for story-telling and when learning about different cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles.

The Wooden Community People Blocks includes children and adults representing a variety of ages, professions, cultures, religions and disabilities.

Each block is made from smooth 2cm basswood ply making them robust and easy for children to hold. They are freestanding and can be used in imaginative play, to encourage descriptive language skills and drama workshops.

These blocks are also suitable for use in educational settings, such as nurseries or preschools, to promote the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. The Wooden Community People Blocks can support areas such as communication and language development, personal, social and emotional development, and understanding the world around them.

Overall, the Wooden Community People Blocks are a fantastic resource for encouraging imaginative play, developing language skills, and promoting diversity and inclusion. The blocks are sturdy, easy to handle, and will provide children with hours of fun and learning.

Set includes: 32 double-sided wooden blocks.
Size: Adult blocks 12.5cm. Children blocks 8-9cm.
Age: Suitable from 12 months.
Product Code: 73402

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