White Rectangular Pattern Boards

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These White Rectangular Pattern Boards are an excellent teaching tool which helps pupils learn how to thread laces to make creative and colourful shapes.
The White Rectangular Pattern Boards help improve hand and eye co-ordination pushing the lace into a hole and onto the next to create a picture.
The White Rectangular Pattern Boards promotes co-operative play making pictures and designs with other children.
These long-lasting play-boards are extremely durable and are very easy to clean.
The 4 flexible back boards can be linked together or used separately time and time again.
Can be wall-mounted.

Contents:  4 White Boards, 4 Threading Pens and 20 Coloured Laces
Age:  3+
L x W x H:  42 x 27 x 5 cm
Weight:  1 kg

  • Develops fine motor skills and stimulates creativity.
  • Available in white with assorted colour laces.
  • Long-lasting, extremely durable and very easy to clean.
  • Boards link together and can be wall-mounted.
  • Dimensions are 19.5 x 28cm.
  • Spare laces and pens also available.

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