Tuff Tray Insert Exploring Food/Exploring Money

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The Tuff Tray Insert Exploring Food/Exploring Money is a versatile and engaging resource designed specifically for young learners. With its simple designs and bright colors, teachers can easily display and create resources that are both appealing and accessible to children.

This Tuff Tray Insert is perfect for developing core skills through play. It can be used on the floor, a table top, or in a play tray, making it suitable for different areas and stages of the curriculum. Whether it's teacher-led activities or independent exploration, this mat provides ample learning opportunities.

The Exploring Food mat (Product Code: W1016) is ideal for the Early Years Foundation Stage. It offers flexible resources with cross-curricular links, including mathematics, literacy, personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, expressive art and design, and understanding the world. It's also perfect for topic-based learning, such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

For Year One and beyond, this mat can be used to teach mathematics concepts like doubling and sharing. It also supports personal, social and emotional development and can be used for topic-based learning, such as healthy eating. The mat facilitates learning outcomes like doubling and halving (e.g. food), sharing, understanding healthy food choices, story retelling (e.g. Goldilocks), and introducing narrative into play.

In addition to academic learning, this Tuff Tray Insert encourages imagination and role-play. Children can enjoy playing with small world models, using language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences, and building stories around toys. It also aids in the effective handling of tools, such as chopsticks or knife and fork.

With the Tuff Tray Insert Exploring Food/Exploring Money, children can have a fun and interactive learning experience, developing key skills while engaging in hands-on play.

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