Tuff Tray Insert Coconut Texture

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This Tuff Tray Insert Coconut Texturet comes from a new range of tuff tray Matt's and fits the Tuff Tray.
This Tuff Tray Insert Coconut Texture Insert mat has been specifically designed to encourage inclusive play amongst childcare and also learning about the different natural textures you find outdoors
These Tuff Tray Insert Coconut Texture can be used for indoors and outdoors.

Its colour imitates the sandy savannah and dino desert, without the mess of sand! It could also be used as part of a treasure tray as a sensory resource due to its slightly rough surface. Combine with a variety of natural and heuristic materials in a play tray, and watch children explore the different textures.

  • Helps children to make sense of their physical world
  • Allows exploration of different environments
  • Texture allows tactile and sensory exploration

• Size: 88 x 88 cm

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