Tuff Tray Insert City Scape

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Introducing the Cityscape Active World Mat, a beautifully designed play mat that brings the bustling city to life in your Active World Trays. This mat invites young adventurers to explore the high-rise buildings of the city, making it perfect for super-hero-themed play and a wide range of imaginative scenarios.

Tuff Tray Insert City Scape Features:

  • Cityscape Theme: The mat showcases a captivating cityscape theme, complete with high-rise buildings and urban details. It sets the stage for urban adventures and imaginative play scenarios.

  • Versatile Wet and Dry Play: This mat offers a great opportunity for both wet and dry play, allowing children to use it with water, toys, sand, pebbles, leaves, and more. It's a versatile play surface that encourages creativity.

  • Fits Tuff Spot Tray: The Cityscape Active World Mat is designed to fit perfectly in the Tuff Spot Tray, making it ideal for individual or small group play. The tray enables children to create intriguing small environments for their imaginative play.

  • Durable and Waterproof: Crafted from durable waterproof hard-wearing vinyl, this mat is built to withstand active play. It can easily be rolled and unrolled flat, ensuring long-lasting use.

Please Note: Accessories are not included with the mat.


The Cityscape Active World Mat is an invitation to urban adventures and imaginative play. Whether children are soaring through the city as superheroes or creating their own urban landscapes, this mat provides a captivating and versatile play surface. Its durability and waterproof design ensure that it can handle the rigors of play, making it a valuable addition to any play environment. Step into the cityscape with the Cityscape Active World Mat and let the adventures begin!

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