Tuff Spot Tray

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The tuff trays are simply superb.
The Tuff trays store easily, you can carry them easily,and the tuff spot trays are extremely durable.
The tuff trays have so many uses for all ages and children simply love to explore the world of play with the tuff spot trays.

Will you set up a jungle with real plant cuttings and animals for children to explore, or will you create some super outdoor art using messy play materials?

Why not fill the tuff tray up with sand and hunt for squidgy sparkle letters, fill it with water and sail a boat you made yourself, or use it as a giant inspection tray for mini beasts?

The possibilities with the tuff tray are endless!

Here are some other great tuff tray ideas:

  • Building site-Place some dirt with your tuff tray and take a look at our tuff spot diggers and create a tuff spot world of make believe.
  • Ice digging and ice painting- Add ice cubes, crushed ice and paint onto your tuff spot tray and watch the sensory magic come to life.
  • Zoo / Jungle Play- Decorate the tuff tray with false grass and add some toy trees and animals and you have a full mini world of the jungle on your tuff spot tray.
  • Slime and textured- Add some Gelli baff or crazy bath foam to the tray and mix it up with items such as food colouring.
  • Snow- Magic snow is such an amazing treat for your tuff spot tray, again you could be creative and add food colouring to the magic snow or even aroma scent.
  • Flour- Yes plain old cooking flour, simply add flour to the tuff spot tray and allow children to enjoy the soft texture of the flour and maybe even a flour fight,maybe challenge your childrens thoughts and add some water to the flour and allow them to discover the mixing process.
  • Rice, Good old fashioned uncooked rice is a great addition to any tuff spot tray,creating both noise and texture on the tuff spot tray.
  • Painting-Use the Tuff spot tray as a big paint pallete,just squirt the paint in and your set.
  • Dry food experimenting.
  • Just gather up a load of different foods that they can experiment with and place it on your tuff spot tray, We used: breadsticks, spaghetti, pasta, oats, rice, weetabix and cornflakes and the kids really liked it.
  • Simple, quick and easy
  • Turn your tuff spot tray into a pepper pig paradise allow your children to channel their inner George,add mud and water and don some wellies and create muddy puddles
  • Eight sided to encourage group play.
  • Diameter: 94cm
  • 1 Tuff spot tray supplied
  • Accessories not included

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