Tuff Spot Super Store

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Introducing the latest tuff spot innovation that is sure to impress you, designed with love from us to you. Our deep storage hollow centres provide a practical and functional solution to storing and organizing toys, games, and other play materials.

These innovative Tuff Spot Super Store centres are made to sit securely under a tuff spot, making them the perfect storage solution for your child's play area. With the added benefit of lids, you can ensure everything stays neat, tidy, and dust-free.

Available in three different heights, there's no doubt that our tuff spot centres offer maximum playability, encouraging your child to engage in creative and imaginative play. Whether they're building a fort, creating a sensory experience, or playing with small world toys, our tuff spot centres provide ample opportunity for hours of fun.

Tuff Spot Super Store

  • Tuff Spots included.
  • Suitable for 3 years +
  • Heights:700mm, 540mm, 390mm

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