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The Transparent Bucket with carry handle is ideal for sand and water play.
Being clear, sand and water can easily be seen to show proportion and volume.
The Transparent Bucket is ideal for holding items found during sand and water discovery play.

Bring a touch of science to your child's playtime with the Transparent Discovery Bucket! Designed for both sand and water play, this bucket is not just a toy—it's a learning tool that encourages exploration, understanding, and hands-on fun.


  • See-Through Design: Clear plastic material allows your child to observe sand, water, and other natural materials in action.
  • Easy to Carry: Comes with a durable carry handle for on-the-go adventures.
  • Pinpoint Pouring: A triangular recess in the upper edge enables precise pouring of liquids.
  • Measurement Scale: Features a ml scale for conducting fun and educational experiments.

Developmental Benefits:

  • Exploration & Understanding: This bucket supports the development of a young child’s understanding of the world through active exploration.
  • Motor Skills: Encourages physical development and fine motor skills, especially during activities like pouring and carrying.
  • Math Skills: With its ml scale, the bucket helps to introduce the concept of measurement.
  • Collaborative Play: Fosters personal development by encouraging interactive and collaborative play.

Educational Play Ideas:

  • Volume & Proportion: Teach your child about volume and proportion by filling and emptying the bucket with different materials.
  • Precision: Use the pinpoint spout to aim and pour liquids into smaller containers.
  • Science Experiments: Use the ml scale to measure how much the water level rises when different objects are placed in it.

Suggested Activities:

  • Build intricate sandcastles, walls, and towers.
  • Conduct experiments—e.g., observe how the water level changes when a stone is added.
  • Collect items found during discovery play for later observation.

Designed for young scientists and builders, the Transparent Discovery Bucket is the perfect combination of fun and educational play. Ideal for both individual and group activities, it's a fantastic way to make learning a hands-on adventure!

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