Translucent Geometric Shapes Set of 408

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Engage young students in 2-D shape play with Learning Resources® colourful plastic shapes in seven different colours.
Great for sorting, classifying, using with light tables, and more! This 408-piece set provides enough 2-D shapes for your whole class to explore! Translucent shapes come in seven different colours and are perfect for tabletop or light table use.
This set includes 14 different shapes, including square, rectangle, circle, triangle, semi circle, and hexagon.
Students can use them to build shape pictures, trace and label shape attributes, overlap and create new colours on light tables, and much more!

Shapes come in a plastic tub for easy storage.

  • Engage primary maths classes in composing 2-D shapes with these colourful translucent pieces
  • Shapes are relational
  • Translucent properties allow shapes to be placed on top of one another
  • Includes 14 shapes:
    • Five different triangles
    • Two different squares
    • Rectangle
    • Hexagon
    • Trapezium
    • Rhombus
    • Circle
    • Semi-Circle
    • Quarter-Circle
  • Largest plastic shape measures 5cm square

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