Translucent Geometric Shapes

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The Translucent Geometric Shapes are a pack of 12 different shapes and 6 colours.
The Translucent Geometric Shapes are ideal for learning shape names and attributes using a light panel.
Translucent Geometric Shapes come in a convenient storage container perfect for storing away after use.

Introduce a new dimension to your educational or playtime activities with the Translucent Geometric Shapes pack. Comprising 12 different shapes in 6 vibrant colours, this set brings learning to life, especially when used with a light panel.

Dynamic Features

  • Variety of Shapes: From cubes to pyramids, learn the names and attributes of 12 unique shapes.
  • Spectrum of Colours: The shapes come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and clear, making learning visually stimulating.
  • Storage Convenience: The set is supplied in a specially designed container, ensuring easy storage and minimal clutter.
  • High-Quality Material: Made of durable, translucent material that brilliantly captures and disseminates light.

Educational Benefits

  1. Mathematics: Enhance understanding of shape and space by exploring each geometric form.
  2. Understanding the World: Learn about colours and how they interact with light and each other.
  3. Physical Development: Engage in constructive play, honing fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

What’s Included

  • 36 Translucent Geometric Shapes in 6 colours
  • 1 Convenient Storage Container

Perfect for educators, parents, and anyone looking to infuse a little more illumination into the learning process, the Translucent Geometric Shapes offer an interactive and visually stimulating experience. Whether you’re mastering the intricacies of shape and space, diving into the world of colour, or engaging in constructive play, this set is your key to a brighter, more colourful educational journey.

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