Touchable Bubbles

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Blow bubbles with a difference you can actually touch them.
The fantastic touchable Bubble tubs allow you to blow hundreds of Touchable Bubbles into the air.
Avoid disappointed children when normal bubbles simply pop the Touchable Bubbles are there to be caught and played with.
The Touchable Bubbles offer a great way to exercise such as chasing the bubble games and the Touchable Bubbles are such fun.
  • Get the Touchable Bubbles out and then use the bubbles for Visual tracking games or for a fun respiratory wok out.
  • The Touchable Bubbles are such a flexible play resource for both indoor and outdoor play.
  • 100% Non-Toxic.
  • Tube full of super-strong bubble solution
  • Creates bubbles that can be caught
  • 5 colours: green, orange, yellow, blue, purple
  • 12cm

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