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Introducing the Touch and Guess Box, the ultimate sensory experience for children! Packed with excitement and educational benefits, this sturdy wooden box is designed to enhance tactile awareness, memory, vocabulary, and communication skills.

What makes our Touch and Guess Box truly exceptional is its innovative design. Featuring two conveniently placed holes, children can now use both hands to explore and guess the objects hidden inside. With just a simple touch, the mystery begins to unravel as they embark on a thrilling journey of discovery.

Here's how it works: children reach into the box, feeling the various textures and shapes. With each touch, they try to identify the object hidden inside solely based on their sense of touch. As they engage with the Touch and Guess Box, their tactile senses are heightened, encouraging them to further explore the diverse range of objects.

Not only does this engaging activity provide endless excitement for children, but it also has incredible educational benefits. Through the process of guessing and exploring, cognitive skills are stimulated, memory is sharpened, and vocabulary is expanded. Additionally, communication skills are enhanced as children describe the objects they encounter, fostering language development and self-expression.

The Touch and Guess Box is not only perfect for solo play but also encourages social interaction among children. It creates a dynamic and collaborative environment where they can share their discoveries and discuss their guesses. With endless possibilities for play and learning, this box truly brings children together.

Crafted with superior quality wooden materials, the Touch and Guess Box ensures durability and longevity. Its smooth edges and sturdy construction guarantee safe play for even the most enthusiastic explorers. Ideal for classrooms, playrooms, and homes, this educational toy is designed to withstand countless hours of excitement and learning.

Unlock the world of sensory exploration with the Touch and Guess Box. Embrace the power of touch and watch as your child's imagination and cognitive abilities soar. Perfect for curious minds, this interactive toy is a must-have for every little explorer. Order yours today and embark on a sensory adventure like no other!

  • Made from Russian Birch plywood
  • SIZE(cm) : L:33.00 W:28.00 H:22.00 (inch) : L:13.0 W:11.0 H:8.7

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