TickIT Wooden Farm Blocks 25pk

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Our TickiT® Wooden Farm Blocks are a great way for your child to discover farm animals up close as the chunky wooden picture blocks are colour printed on both sides with real photographic images of farm animals, farmers, farm scenery and a tractor.

The realistic imagery will enable your child to learn about animals on the farm and inspire them to identify them when out on trips to a children's farm or see them in books.

Older children can be encouraged to visualise characters in story-telling and creative writing.
The TickIT Wooden Farm Blocks can be used as visual conversation starters to discuss with your child why farm animals are important, how and what they eat, what eats them, what noises they make and what happens on a working farm?

Each TickIT Wooden Farm Block is made from smooth 2cm basswood ply making them robust and easy for children to hold. They are freestanding and can be used in an imaginative play, to encourage descriptive language skills and an aid to learning all about farm animals and the job of a farmer.

TickIT Wooden Farm Blocks

Set includes: 25 double-sided wooden blocks.
Size: Barn block 19.5cm x 28cm x 2cm.
Age: Suitable from 12 months.
Product Code: 73399

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