Tickit Translucent Colour Nesting Jugs

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Discover the world of learning through play with our tickit® Translucent Colour Nesting Jugs – the ideal companions for your child's sand and water adventures. Designed with little hands in mind, these jugs are easy to hold, featuring a simple pouring lip that adds to the fun of tipping and pouring liquids.

The Tickit Translucent Colour Nesting Jugs come as a set of three vibrant colors and sizes, these nesting jugs are not just playtime essentials but also valuable tools for introducing the concept of quantity.
Watch as your child explores the fundamentals of volume and measurement in an interactive and engaging way.

The jugs come with convenient measurement markings on the side, adding an educational element to the play. When playtime is over, these jugs nest together seamlessly for easy and compact storage.

Bring the joy of discovery to your child's play experiences with tickit® Translucent Colour Nesting Jugs – where learning and fun come together in a colorful and practical way!

Set includes: 3 Nesting jugs.
Size: Largest jug H134mm x 123mm dia.
Age: Suitable from 12 months.
Product Code: 73127

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