TickiT Rainbow Wooden Buttons

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Introducing TickiT® Rainbow Wooden Buttons – the perfect educational toy for your child's playtime adventures. Crafted from exquisite, smooth solid wood, these buttons feature a natural woodgrain finish and come in seven vibrant colors of the rainbow.

Your child's creativity will flourish as they use these giant wooden buttons to build fantastic and wobbly stacking towers. With a smooth and tactile surface, these buttons are designed for little hands to explore and enjoy. What makes them even more exciting is that they come in a range of sizes, from 5cm to 14cm in diameter, allowing for diverse and dynamic constructions.

The slightly flattened surface on each TickiT Rainbow Wooden Button ensures that the discs can balance and stack with ease. This feature opens up a world of learning through play. Your child can delve into the realm of colors and balance, all while enhancing essential skills such as hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and imaginative play.

TickiT® Rainbow Wooden Buttons are not just a toy; they're a gateway to discovery and development. Watch as your child's imagination takes flight while they explore the endless possibilities of stacking, balancing, and creating with these captivating wooden buttons. It's playtime with purpose, and it's all about fun and learning, hand in hand.

TickiT Rainbow Wooden Buttons

  • 7 wooden buttons.
  • Size: 5cm, 6.5cm, 8cm, 9.5cm, 11cm, 12.5cm and 14cm diameters.
  • Age: Suitable for all ages.
  • Product Code: 73422

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