Tickit® Translucent Colour Measuring Cups

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Explore the world of imaginative play and early education with our tickit® Translucent Colour Measuring Cups – the perfect companions for your child's adventures in sand and water play. Designed with ease of use in mind, these measuring cups feature simple pouring lips on each side, making them a delight for little hands to hold and manipulate.

The Tickit® Translucent Colour Measuring Cups set is made up of five vibrant colors and various sizes, these measuring cups offer a playful approach to learning about volume and measurement. They are not just tools but catalysts for creativity, making them perfect for activities like creating potions or crafting sand cakes, sparking your child's imagination.

Enhance your child's understanding of quantity with the measurement markings on the cups, adding an educational element to the play. When playtime is done, these cups nest together efficiently, ensuring convenient storage and organization.

Bring joy, education, and endless possibilities to your child's playtime with tickit® Translucent Colour Measuring Cups – where fun and learning merge seamlessly!

Set includes: 1 cup (236ml), 1/2 cup (118ml), 1/3 cup (79ml), 1/4 cup (59ml) and 1/8 cup (29.5ml).
Size: Largest cup L175mm x H50mm x 96mm dia.
Age: Suitable from 3 years.
Warning: Contains small parts.
Product Code: 73125.

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