The Essential Pencil Grip Kit Pack of 20

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Introducing The Essential Pencil Grip Kit – a comprehensive set designed to cater to every writing need and comfort preference. Boasting an assortment of 20 thoughtfully crafted grips, this kit provides a solution for anyone looking to enhance their pencil holding experience, be it a child learning to write or an adult looking to alleviate writing discomfort. Each grip in this set offers a unique feel and advantage, promising comfort, control, and efficiency for every hand. Let's explore what the pack contains:


2 Classic Grips

These grips are the foundation of comfortable writing. They provide a traditional yet optimized grip, promoting proper hand positioning and control for general writing tasks. The reliable choice for every pencil holder.

3 Skittle Grips

Colorful and fun, the skittle grips are designed to offer a comfortable grasp, adding a splash of joy to writing endeavors while ensuring a firm grip for prolonged use.

1 Write Grip

Encouraging the correct writing posture, the write grip is your tool for precise and fatigue-free writing, helping in fostering the correct handwriting technique.

1 Dolphin Grip

Taking inspiration from the sleek and streamlined body of a dolphin, this grip promises an ergonomic design that promotes comfort and prevents strain during extended writing sessions.

2 Comfort Grips

As the name suggests, these grips are designed to provide utmost comfort. They offer a soft, cushy feel, reducing the pressure on fingers during writing and drawing activities.

3 Ridged Comfort Grips

Adding a texture variation to the comfort grips, the ridged design ensures that the pencil stays secure in your hand without slipping, providing a comfortable and firm grasp even for the youngest writers.

1 Ultra Grip

Engineered for the ultimate grip and comfort, the ultra grip assures you have control and precision in every stroke, fostering a relaxed hand posture and reducing fatigue during prolonged writing periods.

1 Cross Guard Grip

Specially designed to train fingers to hold pencils correctly, the cross guard grip aids in developing the correct pencil grasping skills, making it a favorite for beginners and rehabilitation exercises.

1 Squooshi Grip

Offering a soft and squishy feel, the squooshi grip is perfect for those who prefer a gentler hold, adding a fun element to writing while aiding in holding the pencil correctly.

1 Claw Grip

Mimicking the form of a claw, this grip is designed to promote the tripod grip with optimal finger spacing, encouraging ergonomic hand positioning for both left and right-hand users.

4 Soft Triangular Grips

Featuring a triangular profile, these grips encourage the proper grip by naturally positioning fingers at the correct angle, providing a comfortable and steady hold for writers of all ages.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Material: Made from soft materials that are gentle on the fingers, ensuring a comfortable writing experience without slippage.
  • Universal Fit: Designed to fit a wide array of pencils, pens, crayons, and other writing tools, enhancing the utility and versatility of your writing instruments.
  • Educational and Therapeutic: Apart from being suitable for learning and improving handwriting, the grips also find uses in therapeutic settings, aiding people with special needs and hand strength issues.


Improve your handwriting comfort and control with The Essential Pencil Grip Kit. Whether you're a parent helping your child develop proper writing skills, a student looking to enhance writing comfort, or anyone aiming for a pain-free writing experience, this kit has something for everyone.

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