Taf Toys Koala Musical Cosy Gym

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Introduce your little one to a world of sensory delights with Taf Toys’ Koala Musical Cosy Gym. This multifaceted play gym is not only incredibly plush and comfortable but is also engineered to aid in your baby’s physical and cognitive development. Here’s why this Cosy Gym is a must-have for new parents:

Taf Toys Koala Musical Cosy Gym Features and Benefits:

Versatile Design

  • Specially designed to accommodate babies of all sizes, this gym has the unique capability to draw up its sides, offering a snug and secure space for smaller babies.

Comfort and Safety

  • Thickly padded and supremely soft, the gym provides a comfortable surface for your baby to play on. Crafted from high-quality materials, it meets all relevant safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for parents.

Multisensory Hanging Toys

  • The gym comes with four detachable toys, each designed to engage your baby in different ways:
    • Kimmy Koala: A cute rattling koala with fluffy ears and a teether for sensory exploration.
    • Butterfly Ring Rattle: Filled with colourful beads, perfect for auditory and visual stimulation.
    • Rainbow: Featuring colourful and high-contrast sides to catch your baby’s eye.
    • Double-Sided Leaf: Comes with a baby-safe mirror for self-discovery.

Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination

  • These toys encourage your baby to reach, grab, and explore, aiding in the development of essential motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Music and Lights Toy

  • Beyond tactile and visual stimulation, the gym also features a musical toy equipped with a light show and four different melodies. Choose from a soothing melody, the sound of a water stream, or two playful tunes to entertain your baby.


  • The detachable toys make it easy for on-the-go play, allowing your baby to have familiar entertainment wherever you are.

The Taf Toys Koala Musical Cosy Gym offers a comprehensive sensory experience for your baby, making it an excellent choice for encouraging early development. With its myriad of features and top-quality construction, this gym is a wonderful investment in your baby’s growth and happiness.

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