Tactile Curve Path

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Discover the endless possibilities of the Tactile Curve Path - a challenging and engaging exercise tool designed to enhance balance and coordination in children.

The Tactile Curve Path features a unique textured surface with protruding dots and lines, the Tactile Curve Path stimulates tactile perception, providing sensory stimulation for children. The anti-slip dots on the bottom ensure a safe playtime experience, preventing any accidental slips or falls.

Let your children's creativity shine as they arrange the curved tactile paths in various configurations. Each piece can be set up in different directions, allowing for endless arrangements and accommodating children of all ages and abilities.

These versatile paths are not only great for balance exercises but also serve as balance beams. Kids can practice their balance using a foot over foot technique or a side step, improving their balance skills and coordination.

The Tactile Curve Path set includes 8 rounded pieces, 8 straight pieces, and 4 connectors, giving you the freedom to create multiple configurations. Whether it's in a classroom, playground, or at home, this balance path is perfect for promoting balance skills, motor planning, and gross motor coordination. It also serves as an exercise tool, helping children develop eye-foot coordination and physical strength.

Safety is of utmost importance to us. Each piece locks securely into the next, ensuring that the path will not break apart during use. We have carefully selected safe materials and conducted rigorous safety testing to ensure that the balance path is free from harmful chemicals, giving you peace of mind as your children play.

To further ensure safety, the bottom of each piece is equipped with rubber feet, preventing any slips or movements during use. These rubber feet also protect gym surfaces from any potential damage.

Invest in the Tactile Curve Path to provide your children with an exciting and stimulating exercise experience, promoting balance, coordination, and sensory development in a safe and secure manner.

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