Tactile Ball Set

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Immerse yourself in the world of sensory exploration with the incredible Tactile Ball Set from TickiT.
This set of 6 large tactile balls is designed to captivate and engage children's senses, making it the perfect toy for tactile exploration.
Each Tactile ball in the set has its own unique surface and texture, offering a multi-sensory experience that is a joy to behold. From smooth and bumpy to spiky and ridged, these balls provide a range of tactile sensations for children to explore.

But that's not all – the TickiT Large Tactile Balls have a special surprise. When they are squeezed, they emit a satisfying and rewarding squeak sound, adding an extra element of fun to playtime.

Made of soft-plastic and filled with air, these balls are designed with young children in mind. They are the perfect size for tiny hands to hold, allowing toddlers and young children to examine, play, and discover their differences with ease.

The possibilities for play are endless with this set. Children can use the Tactile Balls for ball games, mark-making in sand or paint, or even create their own sensory experiences in a ball pit.

Unlock your child's sense of touch and ignite their curiosity with the Tactile Ball Set from TickiT. Watch as they explore textures, discover differences, and engage in hours of sensory play.

  • The balls are the perfect size for tiny hands to hold, play and discover the various textured surfaces. They can be used for ball games, mark-making in sand or paint or used in a ball pit.  

    Set includes: 6 coloured plastic air-filled balls.
    Size: Approx. 11cm diameter.
    Age: Suitable from 10 months.
    Product Code: 72448

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