Tactile Balance Course

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The Tactile Balance Course is the ideal tool for teachers and therapists looking to enhance sensory development and cognitive skills in children. With its versatile design, this course allows you to create your own obstacle course using the 17 pieces provided. The set includes 6 long pieces, 6 connecting pieces, and 5 large number discs, giving you endless possibilities for customization.

Constructed from solid wood, the Tactile Balance Course is a natural and durable choice for use in homes, schools, or therapy gyms. Its sturdy build ensures that it can withstand the rigors of everyday use while providing a safe and reliable platform for children to explore.

In addition to improving balance and coordination, the Tactile Balance Course also serves as a skill builder for children. Through its use, kids can work on their gross motor strength and agility, fostering physical development and confidence in their abilities.

The cognitive play aspect of this course is a standout feature. By incorporating a number component, children are encouraged to engage in activities that promote cognitive development. They can explore matching colors, pattern making, and recognizing shapes, all while having fun on the balance path.

With smooth sides and easy-to-use pieces, the Tactile Balance Course allows children to independently construct their own courses. This not only aids in building their confidence but also fosters creativity and imaginative play skills.

Overall, the Tactile Balance Course is an excellent choice for educators and therapists seeking a versatile, natural, and safe tool to support sensory and cognitive development in children. Watch as they have a blast navigating the course while simultaneously honing their skills and abilities. Order the Tactile Balance Course today and unlock the potential for endless learning and exploration.

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