Squeezy Pimple Face

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Satisfying but gooey, this Squeezy Pimple Face is addictive fun which children and adults alike will love.
Give each pimple a squeeze and watch the puss squeeze out of the pores.
An addictive tactile toy which children will love to squeeze and press.
Such a fun yet calming toy.

The most gross Stress Ball!  Squeeze on the stress ball and watch the pimple beads pop out of the head, then release and it will return to its original shape and the jelly beads go back inside! Stress balls help bring calmness and can help maintain focus for fidget hands. This fun pimple head stress ball is sure to catch the attention of children in a fun manner. Useful as a fidget toy, sensory or stress relieving toy. 

A stress ball that you can squeeze and explore.

Product Information

* Size of Stress Ball: approx 10x7x8cm
Recommended age: 3 yrs +

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