Squeezy Meshables Penguin

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Introducing the Squeezy Meshables Penguin, a delightful and fun tactile fidget toy that combines the joy of squishing with the charm of a penguin. This unique toy features a squishy mesh ball enclosed within a playful penguin figure.

The Squeezy Meshables Penguin serves as an excellent stress-relief toy, offering a satisfying sensory experience. When you squeeze it, you'll witness the mesh ball protruding from the penguin's tummy, creating a delightful cause-and-effect interaction. As you release your grip, the penguin returns to its original form, ready to be squeezed again.

Available in assorted vibrant colors, the Squeezy Meshables Penguin is approximately 9cm in length, making it a perfect size for both children and adults aged 3 years and up. Whether you're seeking stress relief or simply a fun fidget toy, this adorable penguin is here to provide hours of squishy enjoyment and entertainment.

  • Squeeze away and watch the squish mesh ball protrude out of the penguins tummy! Assorted colourful penguin
  • Mesh ball protrudes when squeezed
  • Returns to original form when released
  • Approximately 9cm in length
  • Suitable for ages 3 years+

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