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The springz chewy holder and natural strap clips to your child’s shirt collar, shoulder or sleeve .
The springz lanyard also extends from 4″ to 18″ so that the chewy holder can be clipped to a belt loop or pants pocket if desired.

The Springz Chewy Holder and Natural Strap offers a convenient and discreet solution for children who benefit from oral sensory input. Below are its features and benefits:


  1. Extendable Lanyard: The lanyard can extend from 4 to 18 inches, offering flexibility in how it can be worn or clipped.

  2. Versatile Clipping: It can be attached to various parts of clothing like the shirt collar, shoulder, or sleeve. Alternatively, it can be clipped to a belt loop or pants pocket.

  3. Hygienic Solution: Keeps the chewy clean by preventing it from falling to the floor or getting lost.

  4. Discreet Design: The design of the chewy holder is subtle, allowing for low-profile use.

  5. Natural Strap: Made from materials that are non-irritating and safe for children.


  1. Convenience: Provides an easy way for children to access their chewy whenever needed.

  2. Sanitary: Helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the chewy, thus ensuring it is safe to use.

  3. Emotional Comfort: For children who find comfort in chewing for sensory regulation, this is an easy and discreet way to offer relief.

  4. Fosters Independence: Allows children to manage their sensory needs independently.

  5. Adaptability: Can be used in various settings like school, outings, or at home.

  6. Inclusivity: Suitable for children with sensory processing needs, ADHD, or other conditions where a chewy might be beneficial.

  7. Less Risk of Loss: By keeping the chewy close, there's less chance of losing it, saving parents from the hassle of replacing it frequently.

By integrating functionality and thoughtful design, the Springz Chewy Holder makes it easier for children (and their parents) to manage sensory needs in a convenient and discreet manner.

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