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The Tobar Spiral Slime offers a delightful sensory experience, combining tactile play with vibrant visual appeal. Stored in a spiral bottle, the slime itself showcases a stunning marble effect created by a blend of different colours. This eye-catching feature enhances the overall experience, offering not just a tactile but also a visual feast.

To engage with the slime, simply unscrew the bottle and pour it out to enjoy the unique texture and consistency that only a product like this can offer. The thick, gooey texture provides endless possibilities for tactile play, making it an ideal choice for sensory exploration. It can be squished, stretched, and manipulated in various ways, offering a satisfying and oddly soothing experience that appeals to both kids and adults alike.

When playtime is over, the slime can easily be returned to its spiral bottle, thanks to the convenient screw-top design. This ensures that it remains fresh and ready for the next round of sensory fun. It's a simple yet effective way to seal in the slime's moisture and maintain its unique, tactile properties.

Overall, Tobar Spiral Slime offers a multi-sensory experience that is not only fun but also captivating to look at. Whether it's for a child looking for some sensory play or even an adult in need of a stress-relieving tactile experience, this product has something to offer.

  • Spiral tub containing multi-coloured slime
  • Stretch, twist and squeeze it
  • Each tub measures 10cm in height x 4cm diameter approx
  • Easy to store container
  • Suitable for ages 3 years+

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