Spikey Light up ball

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Experience the fusion of tactile delight and mesmerizing illumination with our Spikey Light Up Ball! Crafted for both sensory stimulation and fun, this ball is far from ordinary.

Molded with soft, tactile spikes, the Spikey Light Up Ball offers a unique texture that's soothing to touch and handle. The gentle, flexible spikes not only make the ball easy to grasp, catch, or throw, but they also offer a therapeutic massage experience as the ball rolls across the hands, offering sensory relief and stimulation.

But wait, the magic doesn't end with its tactile features. With every bounce or squeeze, the ball springs to life, revealing vibrant, internal lights that captivate the senses and enhance the play experience.

Occupational therapists recognize the dual benefits of the Spikey Light Up Ball, making it a favored tool for various therapeutic exercises. From improving hand-eye coordination through throwing and catching activities to refining finger agility and fine motor skills, this ball has found its way into many therapeutic routines.

Whether you're seeking a therapeutic tool, a sensory room addition, or simply a unique toy that promises hours of luminous fun, the Spikey Light Up Ball is your glowing answer. Dive into a world where touch and light converge, and let the sensory exploration begin!

  • Many occupational therapists purchase the Spikey Light up ball as they use the ball for therapy exercises such as: Throwing and catching Hand Exercises Finger Exercises Fine motor skill development
  • Our delightful tactile Spikey Light up ball is a great addition to any sensory room and sensory environment.

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