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Our 10.1 inch special needs friendly tablet pc offers a brilliant screen size and screen size and is a little bigger than the apple pad.
Young children often point accurately and with understanding long before they can react in other ways.
Bright, noisy computer programs can provide the stimulus needed by children and people with special needs.
However, a mouse may require too much motor skill and switches may be too indirect.
Touch monitors also operate with standard mouse operated programs and provide the most direct input method of all.
Use the in built app store to download apps such as:
1) Bubbles game chase the bubbles and pop them easy peasy fun but so addictive! 2)Tap screen puzzle very easy to use game
3)Marble Game
4)Pac Man the old classic on a easy to use format.
5)Penguin Game Classic penguin game and very straight forward.
6)Chase the snake
7)Spin the box cube game A easy to use Rubicks cube game.
8)Spinning game Plus much more!

  • Access the Internet easily using the full Internet browser and this just tops of the amazing features of the device.
  • You can download 1000's of special needs apps free of charge suited to your child's individual needs from the in built app store You can also do much more on this device like you can with many laptops and home computers such as: Watch television using services such as BBC iplayer Store and play music of your choice.
  • Watch films on the device using the memory or your own sd system Store pictures and photographs offering a great way to communicate places such as a picture of Nan's house and simply show this and you all know where your heading that day.
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • Use the built in E-book reader to read books
  • Take photographs using the camera
  • Supports Flash 11
  • 16Gb memory
  • Built in G-Sensor so you can turn the tablet around and the screen will readjust.
  • Built in wif-fi connection
  • Supports USB to allow Keyboard or mouse input or USB stick.
  • Full HDMI system 10.1" Quad Core Android Tablet

High performance Android tablet with stylish finish
Thousands of apps available with Google Play Quad core processor and Android
High resolution 10.1" display with 1024x600 resolution
2MP Rear camera and front facing webcam
Mini HDMI output for high definition TV playback
Wireless 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth connectivity
High capacity rechargeable battery

Dimensions (HxWxD)- 159x260x13mm

Contents- Tablet, mains charger, USB cable and user guide Hard Drive Capacity: 16 GB Plug Type: UK RAM Memory Size: 1GB Screen Size: 10.
1" Weight: 580g CPU Speed: 1.

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