Smart Snacks Counting Cookies

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Who says learning can't be delicious? The Smart Snacks Counting Cookies set is designed to make the learning process irresistibly fun for your little ones.
Packed in an adorable cookie jar, this set includes 11 creatively designed chocolate chip cookies to help children with early counting skills. Each counting cookie features a number on its base and the corresponding number of chocolate chips on top, making this a delectable and educational treat.

Smart Snacks Counting Cookies Features:

  • Engaging Math Skills: An imaginative approach to teaching early maths skills such as counting and number recognition.

  • Dual Functionality: Cookies feature numbers on their base for number recognition and chocolate chips on top for counting exercises.

  • Comprehensive Counting: Includes cookies numbered from 0-10 to cover a wide range of early counting and number skills.

  • Convenient Storage: Comes with a 2-piece cookie jar for easy storage and accessibility.

  • Safe Materials: Made from soft plastic, these cookies are safe for children to handle.

What’s Included in the Smart Snacks Counting Cookies Set:

  • 11 Numbered cookies (from 0-10)
  • 2-Piece storage jar


  • Cookies measure 4cm in diameter
  • Jar measures 15cm in height and 9cm in diameter

Educational Benefits:

  • Early Maths Skills: Encourages the development of foundational maths skills, such as counting and number recognition.

  • Cognitive Development: Aides in the development of problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

  • Tactile Learning: Hands-on approach that engages young learners.

Treat your children to a sweet learning experience with Smart Snacks Counting Cookies! Ideal for both classroom and home use, this set promises to make maths a delightful activity.

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