Smart Putty Invisible Ice

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The Smart Putty Invisible Ice is a must-have for anyone who enjoys a unique tactile experience. This tin of putty offers endless possibilities for play, allowing you to mold, stretch, bounce, and even watch it melt before your eyes.

The standout feature of this pliable putty is its clear, almost ice-like appearance. Its transparent nature adds an extra layer of fascination as you manipulate and shape it. It truly is a mesmerizing experience to see the putty transform right in front of you.

Whether you are looking for a stress-relieving activity or simply want to indulge in some sensory play, this Smart Putty Invisible Ice is perfect for all ages. It provides a great opportunity to enhance focus, creativity, and relaxation.

Get your hands on this remarkable putty and let your imagination run wild. It's an excellent gift for both kids and adults who appreciate a bit of whimsy and want to have some fun. So why wait? Start molding, stretching, bouncing, and watching it melt today!

  • Comes in storage tin Tin 7.5cm
  • All of our putty is fully tested, non-toxic and safe

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