Slinky Sand Yellow 1kg Bag

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Discover the magic of sensory play with the Slinky Sand Yellow 1kg Bag.
This delightful sand promises hours of fun while fostering essential motor skill development in children. A perfect blend between the fine grains of sand and the intriguing consistency of slime, Slinky Sand offers a unique, hands-on experience.

Slinky Sand Yellow 1kg Bag Features:

  • Tactile Wonderland: Light as air, this sand is a joy to touch. Its distinct, soft, and fluffy texture appeals to both young hands and the young at heart.

  • Fluid Dynamics: Despite being sand, it flows with a mesmerizing fluidity akin to slime, making playtime both soothing and fascinating.

  • Skill Development: Playing with Slinky Sand encourages the honing of coordination and fine motor skills, offering a multi-faceted approach to sensory learning.

  • Mess-Free Play: Easy to mould, stretch, and pull apart, it promises minimal mess, ensuring that clean-up is as stress-free as playtime.

  • Vibrant Hue: The sand comes in a captivating shade of yellow, igniting the imagination and adding a pop of color to play sessions.

  • Safety First: We prioritize the safety of our young users. Slinky Sand is 100% safe and non-toxic, and it adheres to BS71 – 1,2 and 3 toy safety standards.

  • Eco-Conscious Choice: Committed to our planet, our Slinky Sand is eco-friendly, ensuring playtime doesn't come at the expense of our environment.

Indulge in a sensory experience like no other. Whether it's for play, therapy, or simply relaxation, the Slinky Sand Yellow 1kg Bag is sure to enchant and engage.

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