Slinky Sand Pink 2.5kg Bag

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Discover the magic of tactile play with the Slinky Sand Pink 2.5kg Bag. This super lightweight sand isn't just any ordinary sand—it's a sensory experience waiting to unfold!

Key Features:

  • Feels Like Slime: Despite its sandy composition, Slinky Sand has the incredible ability to flow smoothly and mimic the consistency of slime. It's a delightful surprise for both the hands and eyes.

  • A Sensory Delight: Soft, fluffy, and immensely tactile, Slinky Sand invites touch, exploration, and endless molding possibilities. Its unique texture is sure to captivate and entertain.

  • Developmental Benefits: Engage children in sensory play to hone their coordination and fine motor skills. Slinky Sand is not only fun but educational, promoting sensory integration and hands-on learning.

  • Minimal Mess: Easy to mould, stretch, and pull apart without the hassle of cleaning up a major mess afterwards. It's playtime made simpler!

  • Specifications:

    • Colour: Vibrant Pink
    • Weight: 2.5 kg bag
    • Safety First: 100% safe and non-toxic, ensuring peace of mind for parents and educators. It adheres to BS71 – 1,2, and 3 toy safety standards.
    • Eco-Conscious: We believe in a sustainable future. Slinky Sand is eco-friendly, making playtime better for both children and the planet.

Whether it's for a classroom, therapy session, or just fun at home, the Slinky Sand Pink 2.5kg Bag is a versatile addition to any sensory toolkit. Dive into a world of texture and sensation today!

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