Sheltered Sandpit

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The Sheltered Sandpit is an excellent addition to any outdoor space, allowing children to enjoy the joys of sand play all year round in a safe and protected environment. Measuring H1.6m x W1.6m x D1.5m, this sandpit is spacious enough for multiple children to play together and engage in imaginative play.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Sheltered Sandpit is built to last and withstand the elements with ease.
The covered design of the sandpit provides shade and protection from the sun during the summer months, while it can be closed up to keep animals at bay during the night.

With its thoughtful and robust design, this sheltered sandpit is not just a fun addition to the garden, but also a secure and safe play area for children. The sandpit features rounded edges and corners, ensuring little ones can play and explore without any risk of injury.

Installing the Sheltered Sandpit is straightforward, and all necessary fixings and instructions are included in the package. This sandpit is perfect for encouraging open-air playtime and encouraging children to explore their creativity and imagination.

In conclusion, if you want to provide your children with a safe and secure play area for them to enjoy sand play all year round, the Sheltered Sandpit is the perfect choice for you. Invest in the Sheltered Sandpit today and give your kids endless hours of outdoor fun and imaginative play.

  • H1.6m x W1.6m x D1.5m
  • Contents not included.
  • Made to order

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