Shapes Beanbags Pack of eight

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Ignite the path of learning through play with the Shapes Beanbags Pack of Eight – a vibrant and educational toolkit designed to foster foundational learning in children.

Features of the Shapes Beanbags Pack of eight

  • Vibrantly Coloured Beanbags: The pack houses eight soft velour beanbags, each rendered in a distinct, eye-catching colour to instantly grab the attention of little learners.
  • Unique Shapes: Every beanbag carries a different shape, introducing children to a variety of geometric figures in a fun, tactile way.
  • Embroidered Names: Beyond just vibrant visuals, each beanbag has the name of its respective shape meticulously stitched onto it, encouraging reading and word recognition.
  • Soft Velour Material: Made with soft, safe, and high-quality velour material, these beanbags are perfect for tiny hands, offering a comfortable and secure grip.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Shape Recognition: The variety of shapes present helps children differentiate and recognize basic geometric shapes, laying a strong foundation for mathematical learning.
  • Colour Matching: Enhance their visual discrimination skills as they learn to match and identify different colours, fostering a vivid and expansive colour recognition palette.
  • Language Development: With the names stitched on each bag, children can learn to associate shapes with their respective names, nurturing their language development skills.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Handling the beanbags can aid in the development of fine motor skills, encouraging precise grip and hand-eye coordination.


  • Active Maths Activities: Make maths a hands-on, dynamic subject by integrating these beanbags in learning activities that involve sorting, counting, and identifying shapes.
  • Fun and Games: Beyond learning, the Shapes Beanbags also make for excellent toys in games that encourage throwing and catching, introducing children to new ways of play and learning.

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