Sensory Stixx Fidget

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The all new Sensory Stixx product is from the makers of Chew Stixx and the hugely popular Tactile Tiger Hand Brush and Arm Band.
This Sensory Stixx Fidget offers its user a hand sized instant sensory stimulation and draws little attention to itself in order to avoid anxiety from other onlookers.
The Sensory Stixx Fidget easily fits in pocket, purse, or book bag and is dishwasher safe.
Unit measures 4.
75 inches long and is suitable for ages 3 to adult.
Extremely popular in therapy clinics because it can be used as not only a fidget, but a tactile or sensory brush.
The Sensory Stixx tactile roll is certain to become your sensory seeking childs best friend for years.
  • Non toxic and safe as an oral device.
  • Pocket Sized fidget offers instant sensory input and draws no attention to user.
  • FDA approved material in case of oral exposure.
  • BP / Latex Free Instantly Calming

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