Sensory Room Instant

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This amazing light bulb simply plugs into a standard bayonet fitting (B22) lamp socket, and then produces an amazing light show that reacts to sound.
A great addition to any bedroom,sensory room or sensory corner and is plug and play, just pop it into the light bulb socket and you have a sound to light effect which moves to sound,both slow and fast therefore creating a stunning lighting effect which children will love.
Uses only 3W of power and and generates next to no heat, the bulb is supplied by a UK leading educational and sensory company, so apart from being a brilliant disco light, it also makes a super affordable product for sensory rooms.
Not suitable for a dimmer, or remote control switches

  • Easy installation (just the same as changing a lightbulb)
  • Low heat and power consumption
  • 13cm length
  • 7cm diameter

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