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The Sensory Pencil Case is a thoughtfully designed educational tool that serves dual purposes: it functions as a conventional pencil case while also providing sensory stimulation for children. This makes it a wonderful aid for children with Autism or those who benefit from sensory support.

Key Features:

  • Sensory Stimulation: Made with a variety of textured fabrics such as fleece, fur, silk, and cord, the pencil case offers a rich tactile experience that can help children focus and engage better in class.

  • Inclusive Design: Created by an Assistant SENCO and a parent of a child with Autism, this pencil case is designed to be both functional and discreet. It looks like a regular pencil case, so students using it won't feel singled out.

  • Fidget Aid: For children who need to fidget as a form of self-regulation, the textured fabrics provide a healthy and non-disruptive outlet.

  • Universal Appeal: With a cool design that is neutral and appealing, this pencil case is suitable for both boys and girls.

  • Practical Dimensions: With a length of 20 cm and a width of 13 cm, the pencil case is adequately sized to hold a variety of school supplies, from pencils and erasers to small notepads.

  • Educational and Therapeutic: Beyond holding writing instruments, the case serves as a therapeutic tool that can be part of a broader sensory diet, making it an excellent choice for Special Educational Needs settings.

The Sensory Pencil Case is a brilliant example of how everyday objects can be adapted to serve additional needs without losing their primary function. Its sensory features make it a valuable asset for children who can benefit from tactile stimuli, all while seamlessly blending into the classroom environment.

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