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Our exclusive Sensory Lights and Sounds Kit is an inspirational collection of visual lighting effects and sound making toys.
Ideal for sensory dens, and sensory room's and any dark environment .
We have combined some of our popular sensory lighting effects for children with special needs and put them into a fantastic sensory light and sound kit.
This will entertain everyone with its range of controllable lights and sounds and ensure that your children have fun.
This Sensory light and sound Kit will grab interest and promote interaction, communication, focus, hand-eye co-ordination, motor skills and introduce Cause and Effect all within the fantastic enviroment of play.
Just as effective with the lights on, this collection will mesmerise children who enjoy moving lights and sound, and has plenty to satisfy those who enjoy moving and flapping items.
So grab yourself a fantastic bargain and enjoy our fantastic sound and light sensory kit.
Kit includes:

  • Light up tambourine (Sound and light)
  • Double disco stick (Light)
  • Flashing Mini Disco Spinner
  • Light up Hand clappers (Sound and light)
  • Butterfly wand (Sound and light)
  • Occasionally an item maybe subbed for the same or higher value

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