Sensory Jump Bean Timer Pack of 4

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The Sensory Jump Bean Timer is a highly attractive transparent colour sensory jump bean timer shape which use the flow of oil and water droplets to show the passage of time, a dynamic that will captivate and fascinate.
Turn any of these large colourful Sensory Jump Bean Timer shapes upside down to release droplets that tumble and bounce to the bottom.
Flip the Sensory Jump Bean timer over and multiple droplets flow quickly.
They will be helpful in giving the time a child has to do a specific task.

  • Flow time of about 1 minute 50 seconds Captivate and fascinate with the Sensory Jump Bean Liquid Drop Timers Set.
  • Turn these transparent sensory shapes upside down to watch colored bubbles trickle to the bottom, or rock them a little on the curved edge to make cool patterns.
  • Ideal resource for quiet focus
  • 4 Sensory Jump Bean Timers Supplied

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