Sensory hemisphere 2 Pack

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The Sensory Hemisphere Pack of 2 is the ultimate solution for those seeking to enhance balance, correct posture, and indulge in a soothing foot massage.

With its ergonomic design, this versatile set is specifically curated for balance exercises, helping build confidence and honing essential coordination skills. Each hemisphere is equipped with special conical spikes that effectively stimulate sensory receptors, resulting in improved blood circulation throughout the body. The gentle yet targeted stimulation not only provides a relaxing foot massage but also aids in the correction of posture.

This pack of 2 Sensory Hemispheres is incredibly beneficial for individuals looking to strengthen their muscles, treat flat feet, and address valgus of lower limbs, particularly in children. Additionally, the hemispheres can also aid in reducing muscle tone, making them an excellent tool for physical therapy and rehabilitation purposes.

Experience the remarkable benefits of the Sensory Hemisphere Pack of 2 today, and take a step towards improved balance, enhanced posture, and rejuvenated feet.

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