Sensory Fidget Tubes

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Mesmerising motion inside the Sensory Fidget Tubes offers children a soothing visual distraction to help them focus and calm down.
These fidget toys have been specially developed for kids, are easy for little hands to grip, and child-friendly tubes are permanently sealed.
The Sensory Fidget Tubes are so hypnotic, adults will love them, too.
Help your students manage their emotions, focus their attention and practise quiet, calm engagement with our 4 colourful Sensory Fidget Tubes.
These securely sealed, easy-to-grip Sensory Fidget Tubes offer fascinating movement patterns and provide a quiet option for students who need help settling down.
Getting Started Guide includes 4 activities.

Sensory Fidget Tubes

  • Provides a quiet yet engaging play experience to help children calm down
  • Bottles feature a variety of shapes, interactive elements, special effects and colours
  • Includes a Getting Started Guide with four calming activities

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