Sensory Fibre Optic Lighting Kit Uv Reactive

SKU: DD-UL-SEN-100-70720221888

Size: 100 Strands x 1M
Sale price£349.99


The Fibre Optic Lighting Kit Uv Reactive kit is a  stunning visual stimulant ideal for use as an aid for children and adults with specific accommodations including intellectual disabilities and autism, Fibre Optic UV Reactive Side sparkle Sensory Lighting Kits consist of cracked polymer fibres in UV reactive sheathing and glow vibrantly under Ultra Violet black light.
Add a black light to your room and see how these also react under UV light but do remember these can be used without the UV light as well.

  • 8 Various colour lights are incorporated into one  fibre optic harness making this the perfect addition to any sensory room.
  • The great thing about our Fibre optic tails is that they are durable and can handle stretching or chewing and they are much better than some cheaper fibre glass options sold by other sensory retailers.
  • A great sensory lighting addition to encourage relaxation through play and a great visual stimulator whilst also be a great tactile treat.
  • Sets include fibre optic spray and light source.
  •  Fibre optics do not heat up.

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