Self Calming Sensory Tool Kit

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Self Calming Tools to the rescue! Kids get "wound up," and we have some quick and easy solutions to help calm them back to neutral.
No matter what type of sensory input your children or students need, Our Self Calming Tools Kit has it! The Self Calming Sensory Tool Kit is full of tools designed to help children feel comfortable at all times.
Our Self Calming Tools can be used at home, school or clinic to enhance your teaching methods or to help your child pass the day as calmly as possible.
These tools are great for integrated classrooms, especially those with students who have ADHD and sensory processing disorders who can use a bit of extra help organising incoming sensory information.
Age 3+.
Each Self Calming Tools Kit includes:

  • Ear defenders
  • Balance cushion
  • Calming tent
  • 4 Sensory Chew toys

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