Sealife Flashing Bead Ball

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Embark on a sensory journey beneath the waves with the Sealife Flashing Bead Ball! This unique tactile toy is not just another plaything but a multi-sensory experience, transporting children into an underwater realm filled with vibrant colours and fascinating sea creatures.

Features to Captivate the Senses:

  • Tactile Amazement: Soft, squishy, and filled with delightful gel beads, this bead ball offers an unparalleled tactile experience that's both calming and engrossing.

  • Mesmerizing Light Show: With just a gentle tap, the bead ball comes alive, flashing in brilliant hues, turning playtime into a vivid light spectacle.

  • Sealife Surprise: Each bead ball boasts a charming sea creature within. Squeeze it to feel the gel beads and unveil the marine wonder inside. Note: Sea creatures vary, adding a touch of mystery to each ball.

  • Handy & Portable: With a size of 70mm, it's the perfect handheld sensory delight, easy to grip, squeeze, and carry along.

Why Dive into the Sealife Flashing Bead Ball Experience?

  • Sensory Engagement: The amalgamation of tactile touch, visual brilliance, and intriguing sealife creatures ensures a holistic sensory experience for kids.

  • Therapeutic Calm: The gentle squeeze and the soft glow can be immensely calming, making it a great choice for kids needing sensory regulation or stress relief.

  • Durable & Safe: Crafted with child-friendly materials, this bead ball ensures hours of play without wear and tear.

  • Vibrant Visuals: Multi-coloured and air-filled, the flashing light adds a dazzling touch to the deep-sea exploration theme.

The Sealife Flashing Bead Ball is more than just a toy; it's a voyage to the ocean's wonders, right in the palm of your hand. Ideal for both curious explorers and those seeking tactile comfort, this bead ball promises endless hours of amusement, discovery, and relaxation.

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