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Introducing the versatile and creative Roll on Mirror! This unique product allows you to cut out and customize your very own shaped mirror or use it for artistic collages in your art sessions. With its easy stick-on feature, you can effortlessly apply it on walls or the back of a door to quickly add a sensational touch to any room.

Want to create a mesmerizing sensory experience? Look no further! The Roll on Mirror is just what you need. Use it to craft unique sensory boxes or trays that will engage both children and adults alike. The reflective surface of the mirror creates a stunning display, capturing and enhancing the senses of touch and sight.

The best part is that the Roll on Mirror can be easily cut to size. Whether you desire a petite reflection zone or a spacious sensory corner, this mirror can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Let your imagination run wild as you transform your space into a captivating sanctuary, perfect for relaxation and self-reflection.

  • The 'peel off' adhesive backing allows you to place and stick your mirror on most surfaces.
  • 150 x 58cm roll.

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