Ready Set Move Classroom Activity Set

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Introduce some get up and go to the classroom with this fun Ready Set Move Classroom Activity Set.
Get the class moving by rolling giant inflatable dice that chooses the next activity.
Children take their starting positions on the colourful foam circle mats and, after a roll of the dice jump, hop and leap through easy to follow exercises.
Encourage kids to get active with this fast-paced activity set!

Each child stands on one of the coloured foam circle mats Roll the jumbo inflatable dice to select an exercise and how many times to do it

Ready set move! Jump up high or bend down low, jump on the spot, or count the jumping jacks. There are so many ways to make exercise and active play fun for young children.

  • As children do the exercises and activities, they build gross motor skills, and learn to follow instructions, share a space with others, work as a team, and more.
  • Ready, Set, Move includes 25 x 25cm foam circle mats in 5 bright colours (red, yellow, blue, green, and purple), and 3 x 12cm inflatable cubes featuring exercises, colours, and numbers.
  • Use these to create guided exercise activities indoors or outdoors.
  • Includes Activity Guide.

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