Polydron Bridges Class Set

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The Polydron Bridges Class Set is the perfect tool for young designers and budding engineers to explore the world of bridge building. With this set, students can recreate iconic bridges from around the world, test their functionality, and examine their unique features.

The set includes 322 pieces with a wide variety of parts, allowing students to build eight different bridges simultaneously. Each piece is designed to fit together seamlessly, providing a sturdy and secure base for construction.

Unlock the secrets of bridge building with Polydron Bridges. This set offers a hands-on learning experience, providing students with the opportunity to build and test several types of bridge designs, including some of the most recognizable and world-famous constructions. From truss and suspension bridges to cantilever, drawbridge, cable-stay, swing, and bascule bridges, students can explore the different architectural styles and engineering principles behind each design.

To guide students through the building process, the Polydron Bridges Class Set includes twelve comprehensive work cards and lesson plans. These resources provide step-by-step instructions, allowing students to piece together each bridge with confidence and understanding. The work cards and lesson plans also offer valuable insights into the structural mechanics and design considerations of each bridge.

In addition to the eight pre-designed bridges, the set includes extension activities for building a swing bridge and a bascule bridge, encouraging students to explore and experiment with their own innovative designs.

Perfect for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, the Polydron Bridges Class Set challenges students to think critically, problem-solve, and develop a deeper understanding of engineering principles. By engaging in hands-on construction and testing, students learn valuable skills such as teamwork, spatial awareness, and analytical thinking.

Inspire the next generation of engineers and designers with the Polydron Bridges Class Set. Watch as students immerse themselves in the world of bridge building, unlocking their creativity and discovering the limitless possibilities of engineering and design. This set is an essential resource for any classroom or educational setting aiming to promote STEM learning and foster curiosity in young minds.
  • 322 pieces with a wide variety of parts as shown in the key.
  • Recreate iconic bridges from across the world.
  • Unlock the secrets of bridge building with Polydron Bridges which gives budding Civil Engineers and Designers a chance to build and test several types of bridge designs, including some of the most recognisable, world-famous bridge constructions.
  • Twelve comprehensive work cards and lesson plans provide step-by-step instructions to piece together truss, suspension, cantilever, drawbridge, cablestay, swing and bascule bridges.
  • Build the following 8 bridges all at once: Pratt Truss, Howe Truss, Warren Truss, Deck Truss, Cantilever, Cable Stay, Suspension & Draw Bridge
  • Also includes Extension Activities including Swing Bridge & Bascule Bridge
  • Perfect for STEM.
  • The set will encourage and challenge children to go beyond the set shapes and to experiment with their own creations.

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