Plant and Bug hunting kit

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Bring your science lessons to life, using this engaging Plant and Bug hunting kit that elevates children’s understanding of the world around them, no matter how small!  

Provide children with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the world of plants and minibeasts that surround them.
Using our Plant and Bug hunting kit children can explore the intricacies of nature beyond the restrictions of the classroom, using magnifying equipment to collect specimens, investigate, identify, classify, and observe their environment.

Children will love the opportunity to think quizzically and scientifically, whilst engaging in meaningful and experiential learning that is enjoyable and accessible to all! 

Collect and examine a wide range of mini-beasts and plant species with this 24 item Plant and Bug hunting kit which includes:

  • 6 x Powerscopes,
  • 6 x Magnifier Adventure Kits,
  • 6 x Magnifier and Net set,
  • 6 x Clip n Go Bug Jars

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